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Teacher. Coach. Instructional Designer.  |   Academic Consultant. Visionary Thought Leader.  |   Academic Leader. Innovator. |   Student Success. Adaptive Learning.  

I have had a love for teaching since I was a very young child when I would play school with all of my imaginary students, when I taught my younger brothers to read and write, and when I also taught them how to throw and catch a football.  I love the preparation phase of instruction as much, if not more, than the actual instruction itself, although I immensely love teaching and working with learners (both children and adults).  I am an advocate for learning and believe that when you stop learning you stop growing and developing as a human being; hence, the reason I earned my doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Instructional Design and Technology in August 2017. 

For me, education is a social justice issue and I have always been committed to changing lives by empowering students through the use of a sound education. Everyone deserves the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - none of which can truly be possible without a solid and comprehensive education. Education has given me everything I have and has modeled me into the person I am today. 

Improving the quality and delivery of educational experiences has been a passion of mine since I was a novice in the field. Students deserve it and educators get paid to deliver it. I take tremendous pride in developing an environment where every single student in my class feels wanted and welcomed, loved and safe - all necessary at every level of learning in order for learning to take place. Likewise, I never stop working to ensure that I meet the needs of each and every learner in my class, every class, every semester so that every student feels as if they are the only student I teach.

I believe we now have the technology available to us to deliver highly personalized learning experiences that can dynamically adapt to students on an on-going basis while continuing to monitor their knowledge state and when the slightest sign of forgetting appears that is critical to their understanding, the technology can quickly remediate the learner to close the gap smoothly and seamlessly, often unbeknownst to the learner. This is the power of the technology at our fingertips today! 

The questions, then, are not 'Do students care?' or 'Do students want to learn?" The real question is 'Do faculty and administrators care enough to roll up their sleeves and do the front-loaded work to give our students what we have never been able to give students in the past - a solid, deep, and comprehensive education that meets every student where they are, providing one-to-one support and guidance throughout the educational experience?' That is the question we are faced with in education today! 

It is time to hold ourselves accountable, my fellow educators! We no longer have any excuses that are valid. At this point, it is laziness, selfishness, and pure bureaucracy - at the expense of our children's future and the future of our nation's prosperity.



Ed.D. Instruction & Curriculum Leadership - Instructional Design & Technology,
University of Memphis 2017
M.S. Educational Leadership & Policy Studies - School Administration & Supervision,
University of Memphis, 2008
B.S. in Education - Human Movement Science Physical Education,
University of Memphis, 1997



Dr. Niki R. Bray

2325 Middleburg Drive 

Southaven, MS 38672

Tel: 901-496-0955​


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