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 Student success 

On this page, you will see and hear directly from my students themselves as well as see my class live in action. The more workshops and presentations I give both on my on campus and across the country, more and more faculty make comments about being about to "see" what I am sharing/discussing in my sessions. What you see below is my effort to help others see what I do, the secret sauce, if you will, to student success in my classroom.

In the video above, students are playing Kahoot! in lieu of lecturing. Whenever more than a set number of students miss the answer to the question, I will tell students to, "Pop-up." At least one student will usually stand up and explain to the class why each answer incorrectly selected was not accurate, further strengthening students knowledge and understanding of the content being learned.


This instructional strategy is more engaging and requires active participation from students versus students being allowed to passive sit in class and mindlessly taking notes. Additionally, the use of the Pop-up strategy requires students to think deeper and more critically so they are able to explain why an answer is or is not correct and seek ways to explain their understanding to their classmates, further deepening their own understanding and learning.

Check out pictures of my students below. Click on each picture to see a more detailed description.

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